SAP Rollouts

What is SAP Roll Outs and Its Advantages?

Roll out term is normally used when an implemented solution at one place is further implemented at different location of the company group , usually on the same instance . For example, for one client if we first develop a global template solution and went live with few countries in the first go live. Subsequently, if we include some additional local process in the solution of another site and went live on that site then it is a roll out. It is expected that the global template will have usually more than 70% processes common across all sites and 15-30% local variation will be there for different sites. In SAP, Roll out it nothing but an extension in the existing system. The process and steps are same as we are using for a normal implementation cycle. There is not much difference. For the roll out, we need to do the some basic settings according to location of the implementation.

If there should be an occurrence of contrasts in processes in both nations, then we have to be careful. Since the configuration settings are implemented for one nation may not be valuable for other nation. So simply need check all the business procedure and after that do the fundamental setup. In full life cycle venture, we have to analyze client prerequisites from scratch but in roll out project only local requirements are considered. A roll-out (RO) project differs from a full life cycle (FLC) project as it is an extension of existing FLC project. Now, Sap Support Companies like ArchitectSAP Solution help organizations in successful implementation of Roll Out projects.

Why SAP Rollout ?

The rollout project usually means Upgradation from previous sap system to newer version of SAP. A roll-out project takes the main customizing/programs done for a company and adapts it to the new company, working only on the small differences between the companies: eg: printouts, logos, company code…

How It Works???

Assume one group of organization is executing SAP at one or more places, then all things considered, organization will conduct execution of SAP at one spot and subsequently adopt same methodologies of prior implementation with little changes if necessary to modify working practices, change administration and individuals integration to suit organizational requirement. In case of multinational organization, geographical consideration needs to be considered alongside some paramount settings; for instance, some configuration settings may not be applicable for an alternate nation.


Working with TAPAS as your SAP Rollouts offers many key benefits:

  • Increase speed for new implementation.
  • Definite timeline and results in roll out.
  • Unnecessary requirements and processes are avoided.
  • Controlled Budget.
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