Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Services

Given the wide range of business processes affected by an ERP project, companies need have access to experts who are intimately familiar with the enterprise application. However, recruiting and retaining these professionals can be difficult, and often does not make fiscal sense. Our extensive experience in business applications assists organizations with an end-to-end solution that offers support from right design/implementation to post-implementation. With comprehensive domain knowledge of business applications, TAPAS facilitates effective decision making and enables customers to meet their business requirements, with a focus on quality, knowledge transfer and process simplification.

To ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, TAPAS has brought together a seasoned and experienced staff of experts to help you implement business solutions that effectively support your business process, not functional silos. We define a roadmap for success, including a thorough analysis of potential risks, and take the necessary steps to mitigate risk. We design solutions that scale and support application evolution well beyond the term of the consulting engagement.

TAPS application management services can supplement your staff, co-manage applications or even manage your entire set of post sales, IT Help desk and IIoT applications. We are comprised of some of the best architects, business analysts, developers and support engineers in the world. We offer a suite of services that spans the spectrum of application management, enabling you to invest strategically and maximize the return on your investment.

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